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Commentaries on this Media!

Jurassic Communism

by AdrianFohr

In the book, the Darwin Economy by Dr. Robert H. Frank, parallels between market and biological processes are drawn. In both of these clips, Jeff Goldblum's ideas are being expressed. He believes that biological successes proliferate by surviving or being passed on their offspring. To draw a parallel with markets, efforts that add value to the market are rewarded with profits. Also, if you regard the ratio of lives saved to lives lost as a metric of success, then Communism was 'the worst idea in the long sad history of ideas.' It was a literal blood bath.

Dr. Friedrick Hayek also famously argued that economists should take a more organic view of markets.  His essay, The Uses of Knowledge in Society, is linked below.  It his most important contribution, however, it is commonly misunderstood.  If you read it, make sure to confer with your economics teacher while doing so.

Jurassic Communism

These clips come from the movie the Lost World. In both cases, Jeff Goldblum's idea about animal survival mechanisms and natural processes are being described. Biological process which lead to survival and evolution parallel market processes.

from The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
Creator: Steven Spielberg
Distributor: Universal Pictures
Posted by AdrianFohr