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Commentaries on this Media!

The Land of Tralala

by AdrianFohr

While it is better to have a monetary system than a barter system, monetary systems have costs. Scrooge McDuck believes that the high price of bottle caps is related to their scarcity (he's right); however, he accidentally introduces too many bottle caps into his economy and causes hyperinflation.

Hyper-Inflation in Ducktales

Scrooge McDuck takes a break from his life of extreme wealth to go live in a barter economy. However, he and his crew unintentionally introduce a medium of exchange into the society. This is good because it facilitates trade and value creation...

from DuckTales: the Land of Tralala (1990 )
Creator: Jymn Magon
Distributor: Buena Vista Television
Posted by AdrianFohr