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Commentaries on this Media!

Structural Unemployment in the Simpsons

by AdrianFohr

Homer is fired. He cannot find work because he doesn't have the relevant skill sets. His skills are too dissimilar from the jobs that are opening. Homer then becomes a discouraged worker. What effect does this have on unemployment? How is unemployment measured? What are the non-monetary costs of unemployment (like the effects of physical and mental health)? In saving his family, he becomes energized. He works on his passion: safety. Thereby, he shows that he has the skills to go back to work as a technical supervisor.

Homer's Unemployment Odyssey

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This is the story of Homer Simpson's Unemplopment

from Simpsons Season 1 Homer's Odyssey (1991)
Creator: Matt Groening
Distributor: Fox
Posted by AdrianFohr