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Commentaries on this Media!

Simpson Class Elections

by AdrianFohr

This clip presents a curious problem, class elections take place and one candidate is wildly more popular; however, the election doesn't turn out the way one would expect. Ask your students what exactly is happening in this clip; and, if they've ever experienced it. This clip is good for teaching Free Riding as it pertains to voting and irrational voting. Luccasen, R. Andrew, and M. Kathleen Thomas. "Simpsonomics: Teaching Economics Using Episodes of The Simpsons." The Journal of Economic Education 41.2 (2010): 136-49. Print.

Free Riding in Class Elections

In this scene, Bart's third grade class must vote on a class president. Sadly, the third grades vote in much the same way people generally vote. There are students who can't be bothered to vote,they believe everyone else's vote will be sufficient

from The Simpsons: Lisa's Substitute (1991)
Creator: Matt Groening
Distributor: 20th Century Fox
Posted by AdrianFohr