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Commentaries on this Media!

Body as cynosure

by Angharad Valdivia

In these films, J. Lo's body played an increasingly bigger role in her cinematic characters, epitomized in the reflexive moment of the recent "The Back-up Plan" (2010) where a mirror, a picture of her bottom, and the statement "this is my old ass" completed the invitation of gaze. This is a transformative video which attempts to reveal how the ways of seeing in relation to female's body have been taught in popular culture.

Other media by this contributor

Jennifer Lopez's Booty in Popular Films

The video edited a collection of J.Lopez's movies where her booty was deliberately filmed as the center of the shot. This is an example of how male gaze is being normalized and trained in popular culture.

from Blood and Wine (1996)
Creator: Bob Rafelson
Posted by Angharad Valdivia